who i am


sure, you can just click the button about to learn something about me. but there`s just stuff, which i want me to look nice online. i want to show you a little bit of myself and my motivation to start this journey in the internet. and you`ll see some of my favourite-places. so let`s talk about it.

i am travel-addicted – i`m sure about it. why? beacause when i`m on the road, you can be sure, i`m already planing my next trip after my next trip. it`s not always possible – i`m just a student, how could i earn enought money to be on the road all time around?

jeah, money.. i can insure! if you want to travel in a cheap way, i`m the one you should talk to! just tell me, where you want to go and i can show you very cheap opportunities. anyway – i don`t need 5* hotels, a tent or a car to sleep in is enough! and i love cheap motels in little towns in the usa – you don`t need more to just spend a night.

i grew up traveling and not doing holidays. i think that`s a big difference. i`ve never been to an all inclusive vacation – and that`s good, because i think i would like it for hmmmmm, 3 days maybe – but then i would be bored! i need to explore, to step out!

i can`t show you my favourite-places. i think, there`s beauty everywhere. but these kinds of landscapes can make me cry:

atlantic coast

desert in the u.s southwest

the keys in florida

laki crators in iceland

So – now you know something more about me. If you have any questions, just ask me! and now we can start my journey on the road………….

what are your favourite-places? tell me!

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