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if the sun goes down, there`s beauty everywhere. the time around sunset is my favorite part of the day. i love the feeling of finishing something to start another chance. every day is a chance we have to enjoy. and i want to take the chance to share my traveljourney with you! take a first impression in north iceland:


i`ve always – already as a little child – felt the desire to explore the beauty of iceland. i had the chance to capture this sunset on my 4th journey in iceland, it was the first time i went through the highland to the north of the country.

i was on the road with my mother and we looked up to the sky and thought: „oh, that`s going to be a great sunset!“. we actually had no idea about the landscape and the ocean in this area, so we just drove to the coast, saw an hiking way and followed it. glad, we did – the light in the fields was magical:


how to get to this beach:

you are coming form akureyri and drive to the west:
just before you get into the city of blönduós, you turn right on the street 74. You follow the road to skagaströnd und drive to the sea. then you turn right and follow the road to the parking lot, where you can see informations to the hiking ways and informations to the birds living in this area.

you are coming from reykjavik and drive to the north:
just after the city of blönduós, you turn left on the street 74.

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